Kalvin Smith High Performance Living professional athlete, instructor and coach

Kalvin Smith

Athlete, speaker, instructor and coach

•  Certified TAE 40110 Vocational Trainer

•  Founder of Warriors Path Martial Arts Academy

•  Over 30 years training, coaching and instructing

•  Martial Arts competitor, multiple tournament champion

•  27 years corporate business management experience

•  Experienced corporate team and project manager

•  Holder of multiple instructor / facilitator accreditations

•  Public speaker, seminar and workshop facilitator

•  Theraputic Hypnotherapist

•  Bodywork therapist and coach / massage, flexability

Kalvin has been an ambassador for the Martial Arts, health and fitness since the mid 1980s. His roots are in the traditional Korean Martial Art Tae-Kwon-Do.

During the last 20 years Kalvin has travelled the world, training with many highly respected experts and masters, in a broad variety of disciplines including hypnotherpy, self awareness, self defence, massage, holistic health, breath work and wellbeing.

Recently Kalvin has shared his experience and has implemented the       "High Performance Living" method across a wide range of clients and industries. Sessions have been delivered to government departments, corporate board rooms, schools and many other environments with success. The sessions have successfully assisted in the development of team cohesion and self-mastery for all participants.

It is through these and other varied projects that Kalvin has earned himself respectable notoriety in the Martial Arts community. He is now working to champion the benefits of Martial Arts training beyond the realms of close combat and self-protection to a broader community.